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piano technician D.Assimis-Kohls

Services offered by Dietmar Assimis-Kohls

D. Assimis-Kohls offers a complete range of piano services throughout the UK and abroad. He frequently works with concert performers providing tuning, voicing, regulating and preparing pianos in concert halls prior to performances and recordings. In general, he specialises in the following areas:

  • Restoring of grands and uprights, undertaking full and partial rebuilds
    D. Assimis-Kohls provides a full restoration service including:  re-stringing, soundboard repairs, casework finishing, action overhauls and regulation. From a routine service to a full rebuild, he can undertake almost any repair in his workshop and transform your old piano, bringing it up to its full potential.
  • Tuning for concerts, recording sessions and domestic pianos
    For most home pianos, every six months is recommended. Tunings for concerts are done for each event, usually on the same day as the event.
  • Maintaining pianos
    Your piano occasionally needs to be regulated once a year. This means to adjust all of the moving parts so that they work correctly to provide maximum efficiency. Voicing, the treatment of the hammers to obtain the best sound, and various dynamic ranges should also be done occasionally. Most home pianos should have done this every few years. Professional use requires voicing more often.
  • Servicing pianos
    This includes complete refurbishment of the action (the piano's playing mechanism), the replacement of worn materials and parts as necessary, as well as regulation of the action and adjustment of the pedal mechanism. This type of work can normally be undertaken with the removal of only the piano's action and keyboard to the workshop.

To discuss your piano tuning and/or repair requirements please contact Dietmar Assimis-Kohls, either by email or phone: +44 07919 310 830.