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Piano/Concert Technician Dietmar Assimis-Kohls
Former Concert Technician at Steinway’s UK

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About Dietmar Assimis-Kohls, Piano Technician

Dietmar Assimis/Kohls, piano technician London


Dietmar was born in 1967 in northern Germany, close to the Danish boarder.
After three and a half years as an apprentice technician at piano manufacturer C. Sauter in southern Germany, he worked in several piano stores in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland to obtain the qualifications necessary to restore pianos.

In April 1997, he moved permanently to London as a piano technician at Steinway & Sons, London, United Kingdom.

There he was trained to become a concert technician and has participated in a two-week seminar at the Steinway Academy in Hamburg on the subject of the preparation of concert grand pianos.

He enjoyed the ten years  he spent with Steinway, and during this period he has restored, repaired and maintained many concert pianos in the UK and abroad (including South Africa, Turkey and Oman).

He also had the opportunity to tune and regulate pianos for famous artists during their concerts and recording sessions.

In 2006, he started out on his own and works regularly for important musical institutions, as well as private clients, both nationally and internationally.

‘Dietmar was recommended to us about three years ago, and since then has done excellent work, bringing our Steinways up to their full potential and quite transforming a number of other pianos in our collection. He is knowledgeable, thorough, and pleasant. We are very glad to have him with us.’
(David Goode Head of Keyboard, Eton College)
'I had my old Steinway Grand totally redone, it's the one on which I prepared almost the whole of my career, since I moved to Europe, as you imagine that means quite a few hours of playing, plus all my students use that for their lessons! So, a new action was a must, to say the least! It's a vintage instrument - they do not make them like that anymore. In the early days Zimmermann used to adore it: Come back and try it Kristian, it is now better than ever! It's wonderfully luscious, heavy and warm!! I must say, it turned out grrreat. And the technician was also fun to have around. Thanks Dietmar. 
(Excerpt from Cristina Ortiz's 'My Journal', June 2004)